How is top performance instead of good performance generated in a company?

ingegebel® takes up this question in its service product and offers organisational control equipment to the operating management. The equipment uncovers dormant potentials of the organisation and indicates how the organisational operating performance can be taken consistently and systematically to excellence.

To achieve an excellent organisational performance, ingegebel ® has integrated 3 functional leadership action processes in its service product. Their interaction is essential and effectively interdependent.


  ingegebel ®   Management equipment
to take organisational performance to excellence

Scoring Classifying Practising
Using success-related performance indicators, managers periodically check the complex work performance flow of their organisation.

The success-related performance indicators show improvements leading to an excellent organisational performance.

They uncover dormant potentials. Using soft signals, they show initial target deviations and prevent rectification costs.

  Using success-related leadership performance parameters, managers periodically check the performance class of their current leadership performance.

The leadership classification profile indicates the current enabler status in detail.

The leadership performance segments indicate which leadership improvements (or developments) are important to take organisations convincingly and effectively to excellence.

  Success-related quality criteria enable managers to master and control excellently the complexity of interpersonal work processes and the compatible ability of the organisation to act.

The leadership tools for interpersonal organisational diagnostics make interference tendencies in work relations and interpersonal work processes apparent. They can be professionally solved at an early stage by leadership controls.

Check lists enable successful leadership conflict management oriented lasting.

Consistent generation of systematic, proactive, integral increases in performance with continuous initiation, excellent performance, excellent results in operating organisations.

The service product is protected by copyright, notarial legally certified. The service product is available at seminars and training courses conducted by Inge Gebel.

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