It is noticeable that the pace of change processes has risen in many companies in recent years and that it is continually increasing. This development demands leadership and control activities exceeding by far what previous changes in the working environment have required of the operational management.

ingegebel® is a service product with the declared goal of meeting today’s requirements of leadership control performance on a high achievement level. ingegebel® provides organisational control equipment for the operating management. It supports taking interpersonal process activities of the organisation to excellent performance results: Weak signals indicate initial target deviations, prevent rectification costs and promote short return times. Success-related performance indicators provide information on how organisations are taken to excellent performance and how to uncover dormant potentials.

ingegebel® scientifically integrates interdisciplinary expert knowledge in its service product and puts it at the disposal of the operating management for process optimisation and leadership controls: Based on the professional integration of interdisciplinary scientific expert knowledge and the knowledge from interdisciplinary practical experience of 20 years, it was possible to identify success-related control variables. They essentially influence the successful interpersonal and process-related flow of activities in operating organisations.

The ingegebel® service product contributes to ensuring that potentials existing in operational organisations can be fully utilised in an entrepreneurial manner. This enables companies to operate and to establish themselves highly competitively in the global market.


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